KT Tape: Hip Flexor

Hip flexor pain is a relatively uncommon injury to the front of the hip that is more predominant in younger adults and females. However uncommon it may be, when one suffers from a hip flexor injury or strain, it can be very painful. The hip flexor muscles consist of the psoas major and minor and the iliacus muscles. They are often referred to as a group by the term “iliopsoas muscles”. These muscles serve to flex the thigh and pull the knee upward.

Lack of flexibility in the hip, core weakness, and acute trauma are all common causes of hip flexor injury. Injury is typically caused by an acute (specific) injury during an explosive or forceful movement such as kicking, changing direction quickly, or breaking into a sprint.

The pain typically presents on the front of the hip and can radiate down the thigh and will become worse when attempting to move the leg forward or upward.

KT Tape can help reduce pain and inflammation for many common injuries*. Additional treatment entails resting, icing, light stretching, and eventually balance and strength training.

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*Not clinically proven for all injuries


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