Insulin Pump Patch
Insulin Pump Patch
Insulin Pump Patch
Insulin Pump Patch
Insulin Pump Patch
Insulin Pump Patch
KT Tape

Insulin Pump Patch

Secures your Omnipod 5* for up to 7 days

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  • The patch made with KT Tape Pro Extreme® water resistant adhesive
  • Ultra breathable synthetic fabric
  • Stays secure for up to 7 days
  • Designed for maximum comfort and durability
  • Dermatologist Tested. Hypoallergenic and Latex-Free
  • Each pack contains 20 patches, precut to perfectly fit your Omnipod 5* insulin pump device
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KT Insulin Pump Patches are made with KT Tape PRO Extreme water-resistant adhesives and ultra-breathable synthetic fabrics. They are custom-designed to fit your insulin pump device, such as Omnipod 5*, and to keep it in place for up to 7 days, so you can keep going with your active lifestyle free from worry about the diabetes management insulin pump falling off while your body moves.

KT knows the importance of staying active and reaching your goals, which is why we designed the KT Insulin Pump Patch for Omnipod with our strongest water-resistant adhesive, KT Tape PRO Extreme®. This adhesive was originally designed for professional swim teams and has been continuously improved so you know it is skin-safe and will stay in place. The KT Tape PRO 100% synthetic fabric used in our Insulin Pump Patch is designed with breathability and comfort in mind. The fabric stretches and moves naturally with your body while wicking moisture and sweat away from your skin so you stay comfortable during even the most intense workouts or summer heat.  And most important, your mind can focus on life while the patch keeps your Insulin Pump firmly and securely in place.

With the KT Tape brand, you always know you are getting the best skin-friendly adhesives and fabrics. The KT Tape Insulin Pump patches:

  • Protect Devices like OmniPod from Falling Off: Our Insulin Pump Patch is made with KT Tape Pro Extreme, the same product trusted by professional athletes all around the world. Our adhesive patches are engineered with 100% synthetic fibers and medical-grade adhesive providing the ultimate grip, elasticity, and comfort.
  • Comfortable & Breathable: The synthetic microfibers are flexible, fast drying, and allow for moisture release which is critical for comfort and extended wearability. These fibers are more breathable in contrast to cotton fabric alternatives.
  • Designed to Minimize Skin Irritation: The patch fabric is safe for all ages thanks to hypo-allergenic and latex-free properties. No more worries about itchiness or discomfort. It’s also water-resistant when applied as directed and holds well during exercise, swimming, showering, and everyday activities.
  • Easy to use: Each pre-cut patch fits over your insulin pump to secure it in place. Our patches are designed to perfectly fit your specific device, like Omnipod 5.  The easy-peel perforated paper backing is split into multiple parts, making application a breeze. Simply peel and stick one section at a time after a proper cleaning and preparation routine is done for the site placement. A helping hand may be required for applying the pump patch in certain locations. For best results, apply overnight before exposing to water.
  • Trusted Adhesives: Dermatologist Tested. Hypoallergenic. Latex Free. Natural Rubber Free.
  • Each pack contains 20 patches, precut to perfectly fit and match your device.

*These products are sold by KT Health LLC. KT Health LLC and these products are not affiliated with, sponsored by, or approved by the Insulet Co., the maker of Omnipod.


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