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How to use KT Tape: Hip

The IT Band, or iliotibial band, is a thick band of fibrous tissue that runs down the outside of the leg. The iliotibial band begins at the hip and extends to the outer side of the shin (tibia) just below the outside of the knee joint. The band functions in coordination with several of the thigh muscles to provide stability to the outside of the knee.

Hip pain causes

ITBS at the hip most often develops due to overuse and/or compensation for other injury and pain in the body. ITBS of the knee and hip combined make up about 12% of all running and cycling related injuries, and is by far the most common cause of lateral knee pain. ITBS at the hip is generally found in conjunction with this lateral knee pain. Pain in the IT Band at the hip can be caused by a variety of conditions that make it quite difficult to diagnose. ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome) is the result of the inflammation and irritation felt as the bursae responsible for a smooth gliding action become inflamed. The product of these conditions is inflammation that results in pain on the outside of the hip during movement.

How KT Tape can help

KT Tape can help reduce inflammation at the hip from ITBS, bursitis, muscle strains, arthritis, and tendonitis among other causes. Often times light progressive stretching as well as massage and icing will help to reduce symptoms as well. KT Tape will help to alleviate the pain associated with hip issues regardless of the root cause, however, please consult a medical professional for pain that worsens or becomes severe.