Pre-Cut Edema Strips Now Available

edemastripKT Tape has introduced a new product  for clinicians to help with edema. (Swelling.)  The Edema Pre-cut Strips are sold to clinicians and come on jumbo rolls that are 125 feet of 18” precut strips.

Edema strips are particularly effective on applications designed to decrease swelling and bruising and increase lymphatic drainage.

This tape has a two inch anchor (the end with the KT Tape logo) and five 16” tails.

For taping, clinicians place the anchor at the healthy tissue over lymph node beds to direct the drainage to the core with the edema strips leading proximal to medial towards the area targeted while creating convolutions.   The key is to use no stretch.

For specific edema instructions ask a KT Tape expert or consult a KT Tape clinician near you.

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