As KT Tape fans, you are already well aware that KT Tape helps you to get a grip on your injuries and training to perform your best.  In this article, Dan Keller of Lifeletics for writes about getting another...
Check out this terrific slide!  What’s that on her shoulder?  That’s right, it’s KT Tape!  Softball high school athlete Nikita Nelson slides into second base proudly bearing her KT Tape for all to see. Nelson’s team, defending champions Grand County...
The General Sports Baseball Expo was this week which reminds us that even though it is still biting cold and snowy out in most of the country, spring is coming up on us quickly.  It’s never too early to start...
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Cricket is not a game you can play while drinking tea.  This sport requires extensive training and mental focus.  The following excerpt from Netfit,  a British based site dedicated to health and fitness, highlights the necessary elements required by those...
The phrase, "Throwing like a girl,"  has become an incredible compliment.   When you step into the batter's box in a college women's fastpitch softball game, pitchers will be slinging the ball from 67-71 mph.  Not impressed?  With the pitcher being...

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