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For National Recovery Month, Olympian Alix Klineman shares with KT Tape how mental health and physical health are equal challenges after injury. "These days, my life looks quite a bit different than it did this time last year. By last...
KT Tape keeps your body going despite injury, but sometimes our fans request KT Tape for the mind! How do you stay mentally tough and motivated throughout your training?  Check out this excerpt from Runner’s World on how to energize...
So you call your mom to tell her about the great new job you've landed and how you are putting in 75 hours a week, making bank, and climbing the social ladder five rungs at a time.  When you take a breath...
Five solid tips to staying motivated from Staying motivated during a training schedule is a problem many athletes experience. Here at KT Tape, we meet so many talented and motivated athletes who are so inspiring. We found a great...
Here we are, a few weeks into 2010. At KT Tape we know that our New Year’s resolutions can be beginning to wear heavily on us. Whether it’s cutting soda out of your diet, saving your pennies or losing 20...
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Don't throw in the towel.  Find your slump reversal instead! It's any athlete's worst nightmare: a slump. They sneak up on us and ruin our confidence. The worst part is, even the toughest athletes in the world can't hide from...
Using Your Head - Why Your Mind May be the Unlikely Key to Treating and Preventing Injury Many KT Tape athletes will testify that the human mind is the real powerhouse behind success in sports.  As Yogi Berra once famously...

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