Healthy eating

Would you have guessed almonds, black beans, and dark chocolate are some of the top foods with which runners should be fueling themselves?  Runner's World contributor Liz Applegate, PhD., shares the best 15 foods that runners should be eating every...
Do you have a favorite pre-workout meal?  Hana Feeney, MS, RD, CSSD of Canyon Ranch sheds some light on the healthy ways to eat before a workout for optimal performance.  Here is an excerpt from Should you eat before...
Here at KT Tape, we know the importance of proper nutrition.  As an athlete, when you don't eat well, your body can break down and injuries may occur.  Should an injury occur, there’s kinesiology therapeutic tape by KT Tape to...
It is that time of year when we get out the cookie cutters and let the flour fly.  Loads of holiday cookies and candies will be made this year and it's a great way to bring the family together.  There's...
The benefits of this yellow peeled fruit seem to be endless.  This fruit is not a secret to world class athletes, they commonly eat bananas before volleyball competitions.  So why do they do this and why should you consume this...
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Keeping sickness at bay is a big concern this time of year. KT Tape athletes and clinicians have been doing our part to not get sick and not spread any germs. Taking care of your immune system is important because...
Don't flake out and forget the milk! Health experts say you should feel good about grabbing a bowl of your favorite flakes after a tough workout.  According to a new study, cereal is better at aiding recovery post-workout than sports...
There's plenty of advice out there on how to reduce your risk of knee injury while running.  Changing your diet may be one of the easiest ways to protect your knees and other joints: From Marrecca Fiore, Fox News Men's...
Many athletes may think H2O is just for staying hydrated. But adding a water workout to your fitness routine is a great way to get in shape, stay in shape or recover from injury in an ultra low-impact environment, no...

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