Enjoy these tips by Gale Bernhardt written for on how to make a century ride in the Fall season more comfortable and safe: Autumn century rides are fantastic events, meeting the needs of several different rider types. For example,...
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Today kicks off the start of the first-ever USA Pro Cycling Challenge, featuring 128 professional cyclists climbing 12,000 feet over 518 miles in the Colorado Rockies throughout the 7-day competition.  Over 16 countries are represented, and some of the best...
If you watched the Tour de France last month, you know how grueling cycling can be on an athlete’s entire body.  KT Tape applications can be used to support and prevent these muscles and joints, with some of the most...
National Bike-To-Work-Day is this Friday, May 20th!  Armed with KT Tape and these tips from Gale Bernhardt on, your ride to work this week is sure to be smooth on just two wheels.  Happy biking! On your drive into...
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Bruce Hendler of PezCycling News addresses a major training question for cyclists- whether beginner or seasoned rider: To group ride or not to group ride? Check out Bruce’s answer to this question: One of the most splendid attractions of...
Spring training season is here!  For KT Tape cycling fans, getting back into spring training means extra aches and pains, and extra KT Tape! In this article, Joe Friel of Velonews shares his secrets on how to make the most...
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Guest writer Andre Zollars, avid cyclist and president of Prairie Winds in Montana, recounts her initial skepticism but ultimate conversion to the powers of KT Tape: Running has always been my passion, but last summer I rediscovered cycling. Given a hand-me-down time...
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Training on a stationary bike in the winter can be a drag when you're used to cruising hills, roadways and trails outdoors, but is necessary if you want to have a successful upcoming racing season and are unable to train...
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Biking to work in the winter can be a little intimidating.  The slick conditions and freezing weather can make it less than appealing.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  Commuting by bike in the winter can be just...
KT Tape Athlete and three-time 24hr World Solo Mountain Bike Champion  Rebecca Rusch, is one tough lady.   In fact, she's known as "The Queen of Pain." But even Rebecca admits that she doesn't always feel motivated to train outdoors in...

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