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Congratulations to the “after-NUUN delight” relay team that recently finished the Hood to Coast Relay Race! Their team was comprised of 12 bloggers who met in person for the very first time at the race.  See below for an excerpt...
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What better way to spend time with family and friends than running all day and all night and then all day again?!?  Running Times Magazine featured an article by Ethan Coffey offering ten tips for running distance relays, and how...
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KT Tape is proud to support athletes at the 2011 USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships in Eugene, OR that took place last weekend.  The USA Track & Field Championships are the selection event for the team that will represent...
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The second-ever St. George Ironman kicked off last week, and KT Tape was a major player for many of the Ironman athletes there!  Dr. Jacob Luce of Luce Chiropractic and Dr. Tom Fletcher were two of the sports medicine doctors...
Thinking about using KT Tape to tackle your first triathlon?  Gale Bernhardt, former coach for both the men’s and women’s USA Triathlon teams, writes up the best 10 tips for first-time triathletes in this article. I don't know if...
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Check out the event report below from the chiropractic team that used KT Tape at the United State's largest Track & Field event last month: As a tradition, the best of Jamaica’s Track and Field athletes convene and compete at...
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Triathlon season is well under way! If you are finding yourself mid-way through a  tri-training program or about to start, we've outlined some great tips from by writer Scott Berlinger to avoid injuries. Trying to avoid injury is always...
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High jumpers pay heed!  Your event is placing an incredible amount of stress on your plant leg, back and mind.  Of course this drive for the sky comes with a price. According to, the following strains and injuries are...

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