For many active Americans, it’s easy to get out and run three to five miles a day without batting an eyelash.  But, there are also a lot of people who have only dreamed of running a 5k.  We all know people who would like to start a running regimen but don’t know how to go about it.  Well, we at KT Tape have stumbled upon a program that we think would be a great recommendation to anyone who wants to go from couch potato to runner.  The good people at have created a program to help people make that fantasy a reality.  It’s called The Couch-to-5k Running Program.  Designed to ease a newbie runner into a regular running schedule, we think it’s an awesome resource for people looking to become more active.  You can even join them on Facebook and interact with others in the program for support and advice.  And as we all know when beginning any new exercise regimen there is undoubtedly going to be some pain, so don’t forget KT Tape to help with shin splints, runner’s knee, and anything else that might ail the new runner.  Get off the couch, put on the tape, and get out there!