Ease The Pain By Yelling?

Can a good holler ease the pain? It seems to be common knowledge that screaming out in agony when you stub a toe, hit your thumb with a hammer or sprain your ankle on the basketball court makes you feel somewhat better. Feels better to scream along with the pain huh? Well, some experts say you may be right. According to a Medical News Today article and a study conducted by Richard Stephens, John Atkins and Andrew Kingston at Keele University in Staffordshire, UK, and recently published in the journal NeuroReport, swearing is a universal instant pain-fix. During their study they concluded that: "The observed pain-lessening (hypoalgesic) effect may occur because swearing induces a fight-or-flight response and nullifies the link between fear of pain and pain perception. Our research shows one potential reason why swearing developed and why it persists.” Of course, you should watch your mouth or you'll have to wash it out with soap.  So, for pain relief extending past that instant yell, please remember KT Tape will be there to get you back out on the court, on the trail or back to whatever you love to do.

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