Immune Boosters

Keeping sickness at bay is a big concern this time of year. KT Tape athletes and clinicians have been doing our part to not get sick and not spread any germs. Taking care of your immune system is important because a healthy immune system is vital for fighting disease, bacteria, viruses and other illnesses.  Thanks to a great article from Fitness Health Zone we have compiled some suggestions to staying healthy this winter.
  • Increase your intake of protein: Protein is considered as most important building blocks for healthy body and mind. These proteins are also helpful to boost your immune system.
  • Avoid caffeine: Chocolate and coffee are two worst things that mainly interferes the functioning of your body immune system and are also capable of showing adverse affects on your health too. Caffeine mainly robs away your body’s minerals and vitamins and leads to dehydration. So, in order to boost up your immune system, try to stay away from coffee and chocolate. If you take one cup of coffee, then add two more additional glasses of water to your regular intake of water.
  • Drink lots of water: Most of the head aches and dehydration problems are mainly due to reduced intake of water. Therefore, boost up your immune system by drinking plenty of water.
  • Drink lemon: Lemon is an ideal source for restoring acid-alkali balance in your body. Try to squeeze out juice from lemon and add sufficient amounts of water to it. Drink this solution of lemon juice which helps your body to maintain internal climate at a particular PH level, which will help healthy bacteria to survive and destroys other harmful viruses.
  • Get sufficient night sleep: The nature of your body and also immune system always differs from others. Your body may require 6 to 10 hours of minimum sleep while others may require a minimum of eight hours of sleep. So try to consult your personal health care provider and take necessary suggestions.
  • Regular exercises: Practicing regular body workouts not only improve your blood circulation, but also help to boost your immune system.

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