Run a Turkey Trot for a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

Woman running

Thanksgiving is a time for turkey, stuffing, and pie-- lots and lots of pie.  For runners, it’s also one of the most popular race days across the country. 

Turkey Trots, as most of the races are called, can be anything from traditional road races, cross country races, relays, family fun runs or silly dress up jogs.  Some even offer turkey and pie to racers upon finishing.  How cool is that?! Most races are relatively short and relaxed, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on Grandma’s famous pecan pie.

On a day where we consider gratefulness, it’s good to know the revenue of many Turkey Trots goes to support worthwhile charitable organizations like your local food bank. Many runners use the Turkey Trot ritual to help ease the weight of the heavy caloric dinner as well as help out a good cause.  Thanksgiving really can be guilt free.  Thanksgiving dinner can easily rack up 3000 calories, so burning off some of that is a smart idea. 

This Thanksgiving we encourage you to participate in a Turkey Trot--especially those that require runners to bring a can of food for the local food bank.

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