Stay in Shape This Winter With Nordic Skiing

One of our favorite reasons for loving winter?  Nordic skiing!  This high cardio sport is one of the best ways to stay in shape during the winter months. 

At KT Tape, we know how important it is to stay in shape in every season, and Nordic skiing offers many benefits to athletes of all levels.  It works the whole body and involves all the major muscle groups.  The natural movement of the sport helps strengthen the spine and helps build endurance.  Plus it’s low impact on your joints, which is especially great for those recovering from summer injuries. 

As it is a full-body sport, Nordic skiing burns a whole lot of calories too--around 600-800 per hour depending on your fitness level and weight!  This is something to keep in mind during the food-laden holidays. So how do you get started with Nordic skiing?  Check out REI's Beginning Skiing Guide for an easy guide! 

Nordic skiing is also a sport for the whole family. It is easy to pick up, and children and grandparents alike can enjoy the benefits of this excellent outdoor winter activity.  Check your local ski areas, golf resorts and parks to see if they offer Nordic skiing trails, rentals and lessons. And don't forget--KT Tape allows full mobility.  So we're here to help make those broad, gliding motions smooth and pain-free.

cross country skier in forest