The Rowing Motion

If you have ever watched a crew team glide through the water, you have seen the importance of teamwork in achieving a goal.  Many people who have never placed an oar or paddle in the water may blow off the strength and endurance required in this sport.  In taking a closer look at crew, you will find that beyond strength and endurance, a great deal of maintained flexibility is required as well.  The muscles of the upper back, arms, chest and core are used  by all teammates to move toward the finish line.  According to Brad Walker, a leading stretching and sports injury consultant of the Training Institute, "Rowers, whether competitive or just recreational, repeat the rowing motion over and over again. This repetitive motion can lead to overuse injuries. Incorrect form can also lead to chronic injuries.  Some of the more common injuries that affect the rower are wrist and shoulder tendinitis, knee bursitis, patellar tendinitis, and lower back pain." When injuries like those mentioned above occur, experts recommend a variety of treatments and rehabilitative strategies.  When the word "tendinitis" is part of the diagnosed injury, the benefits of KT Tape should come to mind.  Kinesiology therapeutic tape provides pain relief for common injuries such as Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis,  ITBS, hamstring strains, sore calves, neck, back, and shoulder pain and more.  This product is also useful in supporting sore or injured muscles, joints, and tendons without restricting motion like compression bands or wraps.  Sounds like a great fit for the sport of crew, yes?  At the same time, crew involves the probability that one will get wet at some point.  KT Tape can be worn in a pool or the shower without moving or peeling- and that goes for in the lake or river as well!