Tips for Walking on Ice

Many winter injuries are a result of simple movements gone wrong.  But walking in the winter when snow and ice make things precocious can be tricky.  Below is a list of tips to keep you upright on your own two feet and keep your rump off the frozen ground.  In case of a fall, however, remember that KT Tape can treat a variety of fall-related injuries such as sprained wrist, ankle, and rib pain.
  • Walk like a penguin:  keep your feet apart and slightly turned out to increase your center of gravity.
  • Avoid carrying heavy bags or packages.  This unfamiliar weight distribution can throw off your center of gravity.
  • Take short steps or shuffle.
  • Don’t run or take long strides.
  • In cold weather assume all wet looking surfaces are slippery.
  • Keep your hands free and out of your pockets.  This will help with your balance.
  • Use designated paths and walkways and avoid taking shortcuts through uncleared areas.
  • Don’t wear shoes with smooth soles or heels; stick with something that has traction.
  • Bend your knees slightly and walk flat-footed.
  • Should you fall, try to relax as much as possible.
  • Try to avoid landing on your knees, writs or spine.
  • Use KT Tape as a preventative tool for support and mobility.  You'll find the ease of movement helpful as you make your way over icy hill and dale.
  • Hopefully these tips will prevent a hazardous fall and keep your fanny off the sidewalk.  For for kinesiology therapeutic taping instructions for fall related injuries, click here.

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