Water - It's Not Just for Drinking

Water - It's Not Just for Drinking

Many athletes may think H2O is just for staying hydrated. But adding a water workout to your fitness routine is a great way to get in shape, stay in shape or recover from injury in an ultra low-impact environment, no matter what sport you typically enjoy.

"Water is an incredible resource for fitness because it simultaneously provides buoyancy and resistance. Water exercise works for everyone, every body and every ability level. Whether or not you are flexible, conditioned or unconditioned, in or out of shape, overweight or right on target, workouts adapted to water can accommodate your needs" writes Dr. Jane Katz for HealthNewsDigest.com.

Dr. Katz breaks water exercise into two categories: vertical and horizontal.  Vertical water exercise includes workouts done in a pool that are traditionally done on land, such as aerobics, pilates, yoga and tai chi.  Horizontal water exercise involves swimming laps.

Check out her excellent advice on water workouts, including a breakdown of how to adapt dry-land exercises to water, and get the most from your trip to the pool.


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