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Why You Should Go Bananas

The benefits of this yellow peeled fruit seem to be endless.  This fruit is not a secret to world class athletes, they commonly eat bananas before volleyball competitions.  So why do they do this and why should you consume this fruit before and especially after being active? 

Many athletes eat bananas before they compete. It helps them keep a high level of energy throughout their workout or competitive event. If you watch tennis, you'll notice a lot of players snack on bananas between games. All the top tennis players, Federer, Nadal, they've all eaten bananas between their games.

You probably know how important it is to have a high energy level when working out. Nothing is worse then being tired at the gym. You feel weak and get depressed because suddenly you only have half the strength you had last time. Well taking advantage of the excellent banana nutrition can help you have a high energy workout every time.

Experts also claim that eating bananas after workouts helps prevent lactic acid buildup in muscles.  Fatigued, overused muscles contain by-products of exercise (like lactic acid) that limit the ability to continue exercising. When KT Tape is applied over these areas, enhanced removal of these by-products allows for more rapid recovery. This could translate into improved performance in an endurance event or more complete recovery between repetitive, high intensity events. 

Logical conclusion:  Bananas and KT Tape work well together.

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