Young Athletes Be Wary

Did you know that more than seven million high school students participate in sports in the United States? Of that number, there are two million injuries every year to young athletes with one in ten of those injuries being recurrent. According to an Orthopod article and a study conducted at Ohio State University, research findings concluded that young athletes participating high school sports are pushing themselves more, resulting in more severe recurrent injuries. If a muscle or tendon becomes torn or severs slightly the first time, the next injury usually means a total blowout. A second or third injury is even more severe. According to Orthopod, "Recurrent concussions resulting in a life-threatening condition are called second-impact syndrome. Disability or death from second-impact syndrome is certainly a good reason to find ways to prevent sports injuries.Partial tendon tears, partial muscle sprains, damage to knee cartilage, and shoulder subluxations (partial dislocation) were the injuries most likely to recur with greater severity requiring more aggressive treatment (e.g., surgery). Even for athletes who are dedicated and disciplined, some of the severe recurrent injuries put them out of the game permanently." As young athletes are incurring severe traumas and injuries at such a young age, it is important not to pump them full of pain medications. KT Tape is a drug free option to relieving pain for young muscles, joints and tendons that have been injured.