Beyond Limits:  Unleashing Potential with KT Tape and the National Ability Center

Beyond Limits: Unleashing Potential with KT Tape and the National Ability Center

This Giving Tuesday, KT is highlighting our ongoing partnership with the National Ability Center in Park City, UT.  For each website order we receive on November 28-29, 2023, KT will donate 1 product to individuals attending programs at the National Ability Center.  We are proud to be associated with the NAC and urge you to support their important mission!  Read on below to learn more about the NAC and KT's ongoing partnership.

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Who is the NAC?

In the landscape of movement and recreation, the National Ability Center (NAC) has stood as a beacon of inclusivity for 38+ years, providing a safe haven for individuals with disabilities to thrive through adaptive recreation. Partnering in this mission is KT Tape, a brand whose purpose is to empower movement and unleash every body's potential.

KT's Purpose:

KT Tape's company purpose is to "Empower movement to unleash every body's potential" and this commitment informs all we do in product, advertising, and partnerships to help empower individuals through movement. At the heart of KT Tape's purpose lies the profound belief that every body, regardless of ability, deserves to experience the freedom that comes with unrestricted movement, sport, the outdoors, and reaching goals.  We are proud to support and be associated with organizations like the National Ability Center (NAC) and to help move their work forward.

The National Ability Center's Purpose:

For over 38 years, the NAC has been committed to serving their non-profit mission, providing a safe, inclusive, and uplifting environment for people with disabilities. They proudly offer a place where individuals can practice and develop their individual goals and life-long skills, and cultivate independence and self-advocacy.  They believe everyone should be able to thrive and experience the joy of recreation. The NAC not only works to support individuals with disabilities through adaptive recreation, but also live their brand outside of work. Recreation is not just a job for the NAC; it’s a way of life.

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KT Tape and the National Ability Center - A Symbiotic Partnership:

The partnership between KT Tape and the NAC is a testament to the common purpose of both entities. Through collaborative initiatives, events, and other support, they work together to help people of all abilities engage in and benefit from the invigorating power of movement, with less pain or soreness along the way.

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Making Recreation Inclusive:

The National Ability Center's dedication to inclusivity is vividly demonstrated in its core adaptive recreation programs. By systematically breaking down barriers, they empower individuals to embrace recreation as an integral part of a fulfilling life. Both KT Tape and the NAC don't merely advocate for movement; they live it. Employees actively embrace the joy of recreation beyond their work roles, embodying the values they stand for. This shared lifestyle reinforces their commitment to making movement a way of life for everyone. KT Tape and the National Ability Center share a commitment to empower movement and make the joy of recreation accessible to all.

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To delve deeper into the ongoing collaboration between KT Tape and the National Ability Center, explore the links below. Your support can make a difference in ensuring adaptive recreation is accessible to all.

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