Endurance Marching Band

College football is as popular as ever.  During many halftime intermissions, a select group of athletes take to the field, toting a variety of instruments from the clarinet and saxophone, to the tuba and oboe.  Yes, these are members of college marching bands, and they are tough as nails.  Take it from Chris Mader, a former member of the University of Notre Dame Marching Band and currently the Vice President and CFO of Dynamic Marching. From Chris Mader: First things first, marching band is an endurance sport and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Endurance, endurance, endurance.  This will be the main focus of everything that you will need to do.  Strength training for marching band?  Yes, I know we won't be tackling the other marching bands or laying blocks on rival Drum Majors, but strength is very important for being able to control your body in the unique usages required during a show.  You will use a lot of muscles that you have never really focused on before so it is important to at least get those muscles ready for the season. I would certainly trust the veteran of the oldest and most famous marching band in the country.  Marching band members are very dedicated individuals and their sport requires a great deal of physicality.  Just as in the case of other athletes,  muscle pulls, strains and soreness are all part of the game.  Also in common with other athletes, is their opportunity to incorporate KT Tape into their regimen for preventative as well as healing measures.   Kinesiology therapeutic tape supports sore and injured muscles, tendons, and joints.  When it comes to playing an instrument while maintaining synchrony with other members, it is imperative that motion not be restricted as it is with other tapes, presses and wraps. By integrating KT Tape into your marching band experience, you can focus on the steps and the notes, and not the inherent aches and pains that come with the sport.

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