Freeskiin' KT Tape

Freeskiin' KT Tape

"Digital Dave," Dave Amirault, recently tested KT Tape for his patellar tendinitis. Dave is Freeskier Magazine's online editor, web developer, photographer, on-air personality, hosts ski events and is in "the know" in the ski industry.  He travels all over the world for his job, and rarely slows down for even a second.  Dave recently developed increasing pain in his knees and says it hurts to ski. He got some KT Tape and is giving it the ultimate test. He is certifiably stoked about how well the KT Tape works to ease the pain in his knees.

Dave says:

"I've had two showers with the tape on today and it is holding on like a champ. According to the box you can go 5+ days without having to re-apply. Hopefully, with KT tape, some proper stretching and anti-inflammatory drugs I'll be back to 100% in no time!"

Using KT Tape under ski boots, ski clothing and other equipment is ideal because it doesn't add bulk or restrict mobility. Our R&D team spends hundreds of hours developing a perfectly balanced adhesive. This is how one application is able to resist workouts, wear and tear because of it's design and special wave pattern on the back of the tape which creates a gentle, heat-activated bond to the skin equally superior performance. KT Tape stays on longer, provides greater comfort when worn for 3-5 days with better support even in the pool and shower. The added bonus for winter lovers is that KT Tape is thermally stable and will work just as well in the winter as summer. We look forward to seeing how Dave's knees feel after a testing of KT Tape. Thanks for giving us a try, Digital Dave!

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