How KT Tape Works

How KT Tape Works

Thousands of people trust KT Tape to provide pain relief and support, from the everyday active individual to the professional competitor.

Pain, soreness or injury in muscles, tendons or ligaments can be distracting and limiting. KT Tape is designed to provide drug-free pain relief and flexible support.

KT Tape increases stability, decreases discomfort and lifts the skin to temporarily increase local blood flow and reduce muscle soreness post-workout.

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Christopher Harper, PT, DPT, OCS, is a doctor of physical therapy and a board-certified orthopedic specialist. He's also on the KT Medical Advisory Board, and explains some of the 'how' behind kinesiology tape.

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“Kinesiology tape is theorized to affect proprioception through mechanoreceptors in the skin and in turn may improve the control of active movement as well as alter sensory feedback perceived as pain from an area of the body. 

Kinesiology tape has also been observed enhancing the body’s own natural uptake of interstitial fluid and debris resulting from injury by augmenting the mechanical action of the lymphatic system.”



If anything from little niggles to extreme soreness crops up to hold you back from running in the morning, biking on the weekend, staying centered with yoga or reaching your daily steps goal, KT is for you.

Those aches and pains in your joints or that post-workout muscle soreness are things KT is the perfect tool for. It can be worn during and after workouts to provide flexible support to tendons, joints and muscles, enabling you to fully enjoy your adventures and help with the recovery process, reducing that pain and soreness.

Find the right KT Tape for you in our shop.

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