KT Tape is the right choice for golfers

KT Tape is the right choice for golfers

KT Tape is a product famous for helping athletes of all kinds - from Olympic champions to runners in a weekend 5k - prepare for activity, perform at their best, and recover after injury.  KT Tape is also well known in the golf community, and was even recently spotted being worn by elite golfers in this year's 2023 PGA Championship.  But why do golfers use KT Tape, and how can KT help the average golfer with the injuries or challenges common to them? 

In this article, we've gathered some answers to those very questions, using our experience as the #1 kinesiology tape in the country.  We also asked a true professional, Dr Eli Rogers PT DPT OCS TPI, a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in returning athletes to compete in the highest level of sports, to offer his perspective on why KT can be an important tool in every golfer's toolkit.

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While there are many benefits to athletes of all types, Dr Eli Rogers from the KT Sports Medicine Advisory Board (and an avid golfer himself) weighs in on this question.

"Common injuries specific to golf include golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, wrist sprains, and various shoulder injuries. There are specific taping methods that can help alleviate these symptoms and protect the underlying structure from increased inflammation that can be a source of pain. In addition, KT tape can be effective in treating common pain points that occur with repetitive movements found in golf. For example, the back and wrist are common areas in which KT tape can provide support and pain relief while allowing full range of motion."

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Dr Rogers continues:

"KT Tape can benefit athletes of all ages to manage low-level injuries. With the low risk of any harm being done by the application of tape, KT Tape’s website provides a list of common sites of pain and potential taping methods for management. If you are unsure if it will benefit you individually, discuss with your trusted rehab specialist who can provide answers on how to tape and the benefits for you and your injury specifically."



Many golfers use KT Tape to help with nagging pain or injuries, and our video tutorial library makes it easy for your to try out tape applications yourself!  Plus with the new KT Tape mobile app for iOS and Android, you can keep these instructions on your phone, ready to go at a moments notice.

 If you're experiencing pain or discomfort in these areas, click on the link to find the step-by-step video tutorial you need to help with your:


 Here's a preview of just how easy KT tape application can be:




There are many KT products that make the favorites list for golfers, but after years of feedback from pros & amateurs alike we've gathered a list of favorites.  These products from both KT Tape and KT Health can be used for a variety of issues common to golfers, both in supporting your body during the game and helping to recover after a full round of 18.

  • KT Tape Pro and Pro Golf - This tape has been the #1 seller in the US for years, and with good reason.  It's made with 100% synthetic fabric and a strong adhesive, making it extremely comfortable, breathable, and reliable through your full day of golf.  With 20 precut strips per box, you can easily keep a roll in the golf bag, ready to apply before a round for that extra support on your shoulder, elbow, wrist or low back.
  • KT Tape Blister Prevention Tape - A breathable barrier tape, KT Blister Prevention is perfectly sized for use on feet (while you're breaking in that new pair of golf shoes) or on fingers where the torque from a driver can create hotspots that turn into blisters.  This tape is make with our Extreme adhesive, making it sweat and water resistant, yet the fabric is light and flexible enough that you'll forget you even have it on - which is exactly what you need to focus in on your game.
  • KT Health Ice Sleeve - This is a relatively new arrival to the KT family of products, but already the Ice Sleeve has made a big impact.  We hear from many golfers that they love the comfortable cooling and compression for a sore elbow or knee after a long session at the driving range.  With up to 20minutes of cold therapy, you can sooth sore muscles and joints easily with the KT Ice Sleeve.  Then just slip it back in the included protective bag and store in the freezer - it will be ready and waiting for your return from your next golf game.


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