KT Tape Professional Testimonial

One of KT Tape’s favorite Physical Therapists, Joseph McCaleb shares an awesome testimonial.  Joseph writes: So here is how good I think KT TAPE is...... Patient comes in one week ago today. Day prior he was training, stumbles on a trail. Knees goes anteromedial then anterolateral then finally straight to ground smacking his patellar tendon and anterior tib. Pain 10/10 at occurance. Comes in next day 7/10 pain. On crutches wearing patellar brace. He can stand on it. He can't actively extend his left knee and flexion is 85 degrees and spikes pain. Negative McMurry etc etc etc. So I asked if he'd be willing to try it. He did and above is what I used. He could actively extend to zero. AROM to 125 roughly and could stand from sitting zero pain. He walked out zero pain with crutches in one hand, brace in the other. He came back today to be retaped. He said it ached without the tape and his gait somewhat antalgic but no crutches and nit brace. Pain 3/10. Taped him again. Pain zero. He actually started hopping around the clinic lol. You guys have an amazing product that has made a believer of me and my patients, fellow clinicians and just a few folks who ask me about it in passing. Exceptional work KT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Joseph for such a great testimonial!  Keep up the amazing work; that tape job is beautiful! For taping instructions click here To find a KT Tape trained Healthcare Professional near you click here.