New Knee Application To The Rescue!

We love receiving mail from our KT Tape fans- read on for a success story from the Philadelphia Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon earlier this month, as well as hints on where to find our newest Knee Pain application!

"You probably don't remember me as you were taping up hundreds of people the day before the race.  Nonetheless, you did tape my knee up at the expo the day before I ran the Philadelphia 1/2.  I just wanted to thank you for it.  It did wonders for my knee! 

I didn't feel any pain or discomfort throughout my entire race and I finished in my best time yet.  I also looked online to see if there was instructional video of how you taped my knee that day and there isn't.  Would you be able to send me instructions on how to apply the tape the same way you did it for me?  I can copy from the pictures I have from the race, but as far as placement and tension, I would be lost. 

Your help would be greatly appreciated! THANKS AGAIN!!! "

Congrats on an awesome finish! And click the link if you'’d like to see the video our KT Tape team sent in response to her requested knee application.