New KT Tape Instructions for Rotator Cuff, Gluteus, and Thumb Pain.

Here are three more video's from the latest video shoot hot off the press from the studio. These apps are all improved versions of some of our most popular instructions.


First, is an updated rotator cuff video. KT Tape can be used during the healing process to create stability, relieve pressure, increase circulation, and relax the overworked or strained muscle. Icing after activity and rest are essential and should be combined with NSAIDs to combat inflammation and pain. After the initial healing process has completed, a strengthening rehab program should be implemented.



The second video is an update for our gluteus pain application. Using KT Tape will help to relieve pressure from the area by providing support, increase blood flow, and stimulate the proper reactions from muscles to alleviate symptoms. These functions help to reduce pain and prevent compensation injuries -- injuries that arise from abnormal movement due to existing pain. Rest, massage, and strength training have also been shown to reverse the atrophic effects of sitting too long or inactivity and pressure. And though gluteus issues can be a real pain in the butt, KT Tape can help to relieve the pain and get you moving again.




The third video is for thumb pain. KT Tape has been shown to provide support during motion of the thumb and wrist, and has markedly reduced pain in many subjects. KT Tape also increases circulation to reduce inflammation and speed the healing process. Corticosteroid injections are thought to be successful, but do need to be weighed against the negative side-effects of increased degenerative effects. Surgery has been well accepted and successful in almost all cases, but conservative therapies are highly preferred prior to making this leap. Ice after activity, rest, and avoidance of activities that incite pain are all important steps to avoid surgery. A focus on proper lifting mechanics will also help to avoid these symptoms in the future.



We have many more new applications to come so check back tomorrow for more. Leave a comment and let us know what you think? Thx!