Preventative Measures

Preventative Measures

As springtime awakens, many runners want to step up their running program outdoors.  But experts say it is important not to jump back into a schedule that is too grueling too quickly. 

According to the Cool Running website regarding training: "A general rule of thumb is that it takes about two weeks of "retraining" to come back from every week in which you do no exercise. Go easy on yourself during this period. Don't let your ego convince you that you should immediately be able to run as you did before. If you've been off the roads for only a week or two, start at about half the distance you were running before the injury. You should be able to build back to your former level in two to four weeks."

KT Tape is helpful as a preventative tool for runners getting back into a training program. KT Tape acts as an additional layer of support and distributes stress over a specific area, thus reducing trauma, inflammation and pain from occurring. It can help to correct body mechanics by not restricting the body's full range of motion. 

It fits like a glove and is comfortable to wear because KT Tape doesn't immobilize the joints.  It actually helps to engage and strengthen the surrounding muscles. Also, KT Tape can help to prevent muscle fatigue by increasing circulation, relaxing overused muscles and helping to reduce cramping. So as the snow melts and you get out into the sunshine, be sure to take a moment to consider all preventative measures so you don't make training mistakes before summertime arrives.

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