The Rise of Pickleball: Insights from Apple's Health Study

The Rise of Pickleball: Insights from Apple's Health Study

Pickleball, one of the fastest-growing sports worldwide, is gaining recognition not only for its popularity but also for its potential health benefits. Researchers from the Apple Heart and Movement Study have delved into this emerging sport, comparing it to the well-established game of tennis and analyzing its impact on overall health. The findings are nothing short of revealing, showcasing the positive aspects of both sports on participants' well-being.


The Love for Pickleball and Tennis

In a vast dataset collected from Apple Watch users, researchers uncovered fascinating insights about pickleball and tennis enthusiasts. Both sports saw participants engaged in long, physically demanding workouts, often pushing their heart rates to around 70 percent of their estimated maximum during sessions. While pickleball workouts lasted slightly longer than tennis workouts, tennis sessions spent more time in higher-intensity heart rate zones.

pickleball with healthy knees

The Rise of Pickleball

One remarkable discovery was the steady surge in the popularity of pickleball workouts, which, for the first time, surpassed tennis workouts. The state of Utah emerged as a stronghold of pickleball, recording the most pickleball workouts per capita in the study. Both sports proved appealing across all age groups but appeared to be more popular among men than women.

At KT, our office in American Fork Utah is home to many passionate pickleballers and we weren't surprised to hear Utah is a center of rapid growth for the sport.  It's just one more reason to hit the courts after work!

Staying Healthy and Managing Recovery in Pickleball

The study also shed light on the heart health and mobility of participants, particularly in the context of the burgeoning pickleball trend. It's essential for any pickleball player to plan around avoiding injury and managing a consistent recovery routine after games.  The inclusion of KT Tape and the KT Ice Sleeve as essential tools in players' post-game recovery routines could play a pivotal role in mitigating pain and ensuring sustained participation in this exhilarating sport.  Being prepared ahead of injury, and insuring you plan for healthy ramp up in play is essential to preventing and managing pain & soreness from a new sport.


Mental Wellbeing and Physical Activity

Mental health was a significant aspect of the study, with the optional mental health survey revealing positive trends. Frequent players of both pickleball and tennis exhibited lower odds of a depressed mood, underlining the potential mental benefits of physical activity. Physical inactivity is a modifiable risk factor for several chronic conditions, making these sports not just physically enriching but mentally rejuvenating as well.  KT and fans of the brand are well aware of this connection between body and mind, and we want to be there to help you stay active for all it's benefits to mental and physical health.

In Conclusion

The Apple Heart and Movement Study has provided us with remarkable insights into the intersection of physical activity, health, and the surge of pickleball. The findings emphasize not only the increasing popularity of this sport but also its significant health benefits.

The study reinforces that finding an enjoyable physical activity, be it wielding a paddle or racket, can not only promote health but also build a sustainable routine. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the court, pickleball is more than just a sport; it's a gateway to better health and vitality.

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