Tough Tape for the Tough Game of Lacrosse

While it's more popular or less popular depending on where you live in the United States, lacrosse enthusiasts say the sport continues to gain popularity nationwide. Lacrosse is a sport of intensity, toughness and endurance. And training for the sport is equally intense.  According to Ray Megill, founder of Performance Lacrosse"It is not only about lifting weights…to perform at your best on the field you must understand the mechanics of efficient movement. This allows the player to attain his greatest speed, quickness and strength. Playing lacrosse requires the body's full integration…anything less results in injury and poor performance." When you hear words or phrases like performance and movement efficiency, KT Tape might pop into your mind.  After all, kinesiology therapeutic tape enhances athletic performance and increases mobility without restricting movement.  And since lacrosse is a gave of fast stopping and starting, side-to-side and forward and backward movement, injuries are common.  (Plus, big sticks are involved.) So whether you are playing lacrosse at the college level, or picking up a stick for the first time, consider putting KT Tape into your gear bag for training, game day and post-game recovery.