Unleashing Athletic Potential: KT Partners with Women's Epic Race

Unleashing Athletic Potential: KT Partners with Women's Epic Race

In an exciting new partnership, KT Tape and the Women's Epic Race have joined forces to empower women and encourage them to embrace the transformative power of trail running. With KT Tape's mission to empower movement and the Women's Epic Race's dedication to empowering women on the trails, this collaboration aims to create an unforgettable experience for all levels of female athletes.

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Empowering Movement with KT Tape:

KT Tape is known for its innovative kinesiology tape and cutting edge sports medicine solutions. With a core mission to empower movement for every body, KT Tape provides athletes of all levels with the tools they need to unleash their athletic potential.

KT's products provide not only support, but also industry-leading pain relief, allowing athletes of all abilities to perform at their best. Whether it's supporting injuries or aiding in recovery, KT Tape equips athletes with the tools they need to stay on track for their own epic goals. With a focus on drug-free pain relief and accelerating post-race recovery, KT Tape plays a vital role in enabling athletes to push their limits and unlock their full potential on and off the trails.

KT makes products that help overcome the aches & pains that can come with pushing toward a new goal.  We are here with:

  • KT Tape PRO - the world's leading kinesiology tape known for long-lasting synthetic fibers, that lift the skin to promote blood flow and reduce pain & swelling
  • KT Health Blister Prevention tape - a comfortable, long lasting barrier tape made with our Extreme level adhesive, to prevent hot spots from turning into blisters.
  • KT Health Ice Sleeve - a combination compression and 360 ice therapy solution that can reduce soreness & swelling after a long run, helping get your body ready for tomorrow's challenge.

By partnering with the Women's Epic Race, KT Tape extends its commitment to products that help empower runners to conquer new challenges, overcome obstacles, and make their mark in the world of trail running.


The Women's Epic Race - Empowering Women on the Trails:

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The Women's Epic Race was established to create an epic trail race where all levels of women would feel empowered and challenged.  Rooted in the firm belief that magical moments happen when women venture into the mountains and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, it was created to empower women of all skill levels to leave their comfort zones behind and embrace the challenges and triumphs of trail running.

The race offers a platform for women to reconnect with their inner strength, push their boundaries, and experience the incredible sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering a mountain.

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A Shared Vision:

The partnership between KT Tape and the Women's Epic Race is built on a shared vision of empowering women through movement and nature. Both organizations understand the profound impact that outdoor activities and sports can have on an individual's physical and mental well-being. By combining their expertise and passion, KT Tape and the Women's Epic Race are committed to providing an inclusive and empowering environment where women can discover their potential and thrive on the trails.


Encouraging Women to Leave Their Comfort Zones Behind:

KT Tape and the Women's Epic Race are determined to bridge the gap and ensure that more women have the opportunity to experience the magic of the trails. Through their combined efforts, they aim to inspire women to step outside their comfort zones, embrace the challenges of trail running, and unlock their untapped potential. The partnership will offer various initiatives, including training programs, educational resources, and community support, to encourage women to embark on their epic trail-running journeys.


Onsite Activation at Upcoming Races:

KT is a sponsor of the 2023 Women's Epic Race and will be onsite at both the Southern Utah (June 24th) and Brighton (July 29th) events.  Our team of expert tapers will be there, ready to cheer you on (and tape you up) to success! 

Look for the KT booth where you can find the latest products, get taped by an expert, and get to know the team.

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With KT Tape's dedication to empowering movement and the Women's Epic Race's mission to empower women on the trails, this partnership represents a remarkable opportunity for female athletes. By combining their strengths and resources, KT Tape and the Women's Epic Race are poised to create an extraordinary platform that enables women of all backgrounds and abilities to connect with nature, challenge themselves, and experience the exhilarating feeling of conquering mountains. Together, they are committed to helping women unleash their athletic potential and create unforgettable trail-running adventures.

Visit the Women's Epic Race blog here to learn more.

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