What is skin chafing and how to prevent it

What is skin chafing and how to prevent it

Every athletic journey has its challenges. We embrace some of these challenges as they make us stronger, while others are just a nuisance. Chafing falls in the second category.

What is Chafing and Why Does it Happen?

Chafing is a skin injury that occurs when skin repeatedly rubs against itself or against clothing. This tears the outer layer of skin, causing painful irritation to the layer below. The thighs, underarms, groin, under breasts, and nipples are the most common areas for chafing, but it can also occur on other body parts.

 painful chafed skin

How To Prevent Chafing

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this pesky problem that turns a joyous experience into a painful suffer fest. KT Chafe Safe Balm is your shield against chafing. Formulated to reduce friction, KT Chafe Safe Balm creates a protective barrier for your skin. Apply it to common chafing areas, and experience lasting comfort.

Benefits of KT Chafe Safe:

  • All day protection in friction-prone areas: Once you are moving, you don’t always have the option or desire to stop. Apply Chafe Safe before your workout to move freely all day.
  • Sweat & water resistant: We understand that protection is needed most in strenuous activities. Chafe Safe protects your skin in the toughest of conditions.
  • Mess-free, non-sticky, and smooth application: Not too hard and not too soft, Chafe Safe has been formulated so you easily apply the desired amount.
  • Three Chafe Safe balms to match your needs:
    • 1.75 oz original unscented
    • 0.45 oz on-the-go unscented (coming soon)
    • 1.75 oz with Fresh Citrus scent (coming soon)


Chafing can be a painful nuisance that robs your run, bike, or other workout of it's fun.  Don't let skin chafing get in the way of a great workout, try KT Chafe Safe and enjoy all day chafing protection!


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