Yogaslackers Sport KT Tape

The Yogaslackers-"Slacking for a Better World"- are anything but slackers. The team lives and competes by their mantra "Extreme living with Awareness"  and they have been spotted sporting KT Tape to treat overused muscles. Jason Magness and Chelsey Gribbon recently updated their blog with their thoughts about KT Tape after their Easter weekend of competition in the Desert Dash Adventure Challenge. The Yogaslackers compete, train and live very hard and jam their schedules full of different adventure races around the globe. Adventure racing is, in the simplest explanation, very difficult. And the Yogaslackers explain it is all about three things: 1. A penchant for extreme suffering 2. A penchant for perseverance against all odds 3. Teamwork Very skilled racers, the Yogaslackers conquer extreme situations and push their bodies to their physical limits. As far as KT Tape goes, we're extremely impressed at how this group keenly leads the adventure race community in acknowledging  kinesiology therapeutic taping not only as a drug-free method of providing pain relief, but also as an effective means of preventing overuse injuries.  These guys really get it.  Thy understand the human body and how it needs stability and support in overuse-injury-prone areas.  They also understand how heavy braces and wraps can create problems by inhibiting mobility and letting muscles to atrophy.  KT Tape allows the Yogaslackers to move freely as they prevent injury, and continue moving freely as they treat aches and pains.  Check out the rest of their blog and website to see video and summaries of their racing. Their summary of  KT Tape and how well it works: "Mom--we are fine. The red tape all over us is called KT Tape, and is just to keep us healthy as we play the line with overused injuries. It is great stuff, and makes us look good too." Keep up the good work Slackers! We are big fans, and we look forward to additional blogs about races and KT Tape!