Article on KT Tape in the Austin-American Statesman

KT Tape was recently featured in an article about Kinesiology Theraputic Tape in the Austin-American Statesman written by Pam LaBlanc.  Here's an excerpt: Jim Jenson, vice president of KT Tape, one of a handful of companies that makes kinesiology tape, says it doesn't take an expert to properly tape someone. The company offers an online library of two- to three-minute videos that demonstrate how to apply the tape for problems ranging from tennis elbow to plantar fasciitis and iliotibial band syndrome. KT Tape is precut into 10-inch strips, with rounded edges that don't peel up. It's perforated so it can be used in I-shaped strips or pulled apart into Y-shaped strips for different applications. It comes in a rainbow of colors, including orange for Longhorn fans. The tape can stay on for up to five days, depending on where it is used, he says. Feet and more hostile environments hold up just a day or two. It even stays on in the shower or pool, so swimmers can use it. All that sticking power might lead you to wonder if removing it is akin to yanking a stubborn bandage off a hairy arm. That all depends on your skin. Jenson recommends peeling it off slowly rather than ripping it off quickly to leave skin — and hair — intact. The tape can sometimes irritate a delicate hide and isn't a salve for every ailment, says Burnett, the chiropractor. "If a pain is persisting, seek treatment," he says. "It's like fixing your car with duct tape. There are things you can do on your own and things you need a specialist for.” For more information on how KT Tape works click here. Click here for taping instructions. For store locations click here.