Loves KT Tape

With the summer racing season in full gear, we're pretty busy keeping runners and cyclists taped up for their events. Of course it's always nice to hear from the hardcore competitors who use KT Tape at their events.  This weekend, posted its review of KT Tape. Check out what their testers had to say: VeloGuy: "I have knee problems that seem to flair when I spend a lot of time on my bike climbing. I tried the KT Tape on one of my 5+ hour climbing rides and was amazed at the complete disappearance for all pain. I am impressed." Allyson: "KT Tape is nothing short of amazing. My Plantar Fasciitis has been a royal pain for last few years. I had an Olympic triathlon only two week aways and I was barely able to walk, let alone run. I used the KT Tape and in two days the pain had been reduced enough to get back to my training. I did the Triathlon and set nto only a running PR, but a distance PR. Thanks KT Tape." awarded KT Tape 4 out of 5 chain rings!