Camo KT Tape Now Available!

Looking to be more of a stealthy runner during races?  Want to be able to sneak up to the competition pain free? Is your bright pink KT Tape making you feel a little less than rugged on those endurance runs through the wilderness?  KT Tape has got you covered. Just in time for fall KT Tape is releasing the new Camo color.   This is by high demand.  A lot of you have asked for different camouflage patterns.  We settled on one that we think is pretty cool.   And we've tried it out alongside other tape colors like green and blue--and it looks awesome!  And fashionistas--nothing will go better with that muted fall wardrobe than some Camo KT Tape.  Of course, it's still the same KT Tape pain relief and support you know and love--the only change here is in the style.  So what we've added in aesthetics we have not taken away in function. The Camo KT Tape is being sold directly and offered in bulk four packs.  For sales and availability email