Fitness Examiner Praise for KT Tape

KT Tape was just praised in a product review for national fitness trends by Fitness Examiner.  Check out an excerpt from the review below: KT Tape sent along a roll of their elastic sports tape for pain relief and support for the purpose of review. Sadly, they did not send enough to cover my entire body—like a mummy! At least on overcast days, it feels as if I would require as much. KT Tape is an ultra-light, elastic, strong sports medicine related product. It provides pain relief, stability, support and faster recovery related to sports in general. It is made of reinforced 100% cotton sheathes which “are embedded into weft yarn to provide uni-directional elasticity- allowing the tape to stretch in length but preventing the tape from stretching in width. These fibers ensure KT Tape will provide stable support without restricting motion.” This consists of a mechanical mesh weave that is “designed to provide precisely 140% bilinear elasticity along the length of the tape” which is the same ratio as human skin. If you can imagine attaching an extra muscle to your body, you will get the idea. The tape does act as a muscle when attached to that problem area. Beyond  general product info there are various how to videos which detail usage in general and where/how to apply to specific needs. Now, a friend from Trinidad once said, “Let me see your leg hair.” Uuuummmm, oooookkkkkaaaayyyy! Upon seeing it, he said, “Yeah, you’re a Semite.” As if he needed to see my long and curly leg hair to know that, come on—check out this schnoz! What’s the point? The point is to watch the videos as one details the fact that while someone such as myself does not want to completely shave the area upon which the tape is to be applied, some cutting back of shrubbery may be of necessity. Note also that the tape comes in various colors. These do not denote levels of strength or anything of the like, it is just a matter of esthetics. The tape feels both strong and comfortable. It provides a spring-like feeling and support. It is a sure recommendation for various problem areas, from head to toe… To read the entire review and for more links and images, visit the Fitness Examiner website.