KT Tape announces ‘KT Racing’ Cycling kits

The  KT Tape brand managers recently took to Facebook to get feedback from fans for the design of a KT Tape cycling kit that is in the works.  While all six of the presented designs looked great, this was the clear winner. Stay tuned for more information on when and whre the jersey will be available.   The jersey idea came after much urging from KT Tape fans who wanted to sport the logo in a bigger way.  Many KT Tape users are so proud of what they've been able to accomplish after finding the drug-free pain solution, they asked us if we would put our logo on something they could wear in races to show that they are part of the big KT Tape family of multi-level athletes.  Thanks, fans, for the great idea--and we'll keep you posted on the jersey.  Rumor has it, managers here have heard your requests for a running top as well! Click here to become a fan of KT Tape on Facebook.