KT Tape at Tinseltown Throwdown Lacrosse Tournament

Check out these pictures and event report from Evolution Physical Therapy in Culver City, CA on how they used KT Tape at a recent lacrosse event: Clinicians from Evolution Physical Therapy were on hand at the Tinseltown Throwdown Lacrosse Tournament in El Segundo, California providing complimentary Injury Prevention and Performance Screenings as well as applying KT Tape to lacrosse players.  The physical demands of the dynamic, fast paced sport of lacrosse makes KT Tape a necessary tool for athletes to avoid getting injuries and providing support and reducing pain when injuries occur.  Knees, shoulders, calves, and quadriceps were frequently taped.  Contusions from opponents sticks are not uncommon and athletes experience significant reduction in pain when KT Tape was applied to sore muscles.  The taping concept and product was new to many participants, and through this event a number of new athletes have been introduced to the tape and KT Tape has many new believers. Evolution Physical Therapy and Evolution Fitness are located in Culver City, California.  We provide state-of-the-art techniques and technology to help patients and athletes recover from injury and get stronger, faster, and more flexible.  We believe that preventative exercise and research-based performance training is crucial for all sports as well as for maintaining a painfree, healthy and active lifestyle.  Our physical therapists are experts in movement and can help facilitate recovery or prevention of injuries better than any other profesion in the medical field.  Friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @evolutionptfit for all news, information, and special offers. Thanks to the Evolution Physical Therapy team and to all the competing lacrosse athletes and their fans- we’re excited for the next event!

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