KT Tape Fans Aid Midwest Flooding Relief Efforts

KT Tape is not just for sports- it can be used for everyday aches and pains, or even those muscle strains that are not so common.  We were inspired by one fan’s story of how KT Tape is helping him combat the flooding in the Midwest- check it out below!  Pictures include the author with KT Tape in Action, the Mormon Bridge in NE with the river flooding 5 miles outside its banks, and the community sandbags being filled.   I have yet to use KT Tape in a marathon setting, however this is how KT Tape helped me. Between my knee and shoulder, it's easy to say that I am a mess.   I am a resident of the Midwest which, for those of you that haven't heard, is currently the site of MAJOR flooding caused by the Missouri river and a chain of dams. I am not directly affected by the flooding, only because we are on a hill, but have several friends and family members that have been. For well over a month now I have been filling sandbags at the number of volunteer locations set up in the area.   I got a call from a longtime friend telling me that the Sheriff had shown up at their home and informed them that they had less than three days to evacuate their home. I strapped on my boots, jumped in my truck and headed out to see how I could help. There were POD units being dropped off when I arrived and we began the long process of loading everything they own into these units... and I don't just mean belongings—central air units, furnace, water heater and every appliance, too.   After the first 14-hour shift I was exhausted and felt like I had just finished BASIC again. The next day I could barely move, but knowing what they were facing was enough to get me going again. A friend told me about KT Tape on Facebook, and I stopped by my local sporting goods store on the way out. With a sense of urgency and overall gloom, I was trying anything I could to lift the spirits of everyone involved. So there I show up... all 6'2" 250lbs of me, sporting my bright PINK KT Tape, and you should have seen them laugh. I soon was the one laughing, when I was running circles around them. I felt GREAT and pretty soon the roll was gone, between everyone there, and we had to go get more.   Long story short......I have helped to evacuate half a dozen homes, and have had a hand in filling hundreds of thousands of sandbags, helping those I love and those I don't even know. Without any hesitation, when people ask me how I keep going, I tell them all about the multicolor strips decorating my body, and tell them how amazing this stuff really is.   Thank You KT Tape, Chad, Nebraska   Thanks for sharing your story with us, Chad!  Keep up the good work!

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