KT Tape Fuels Yogaslackers Through NZ Adventure Race

At the end of March, two members athletes from YogaSlackers adventure team traveled to New Zealand to teach a weekend of yoga, slacklining, and acrobatics.  While they were there - they managed to fit in just "a little bit of training" between their sessions throwing each other through the air and balancing on 1" pieces of webbing. They used KT tape to keep themselves healthy, especially on the 60 km mountain run of the Famous Kepler Track. Jason suffers from chronic IT band fatigue, that he says; "usually flared up after intense Acro practice, but we really wanted to do this run on our last day in New Zealand...so I taped up both knees, put on my compression tights and hoped my knees IT bands would make it though as I tried to keep up with Chelsey.  It worked - except for the keeping up with Chelsey!  I am still waiting for the KT Tape technique that will make me faster!" To watch videos of the Yogaslackers' New Zealand adventure, click here and here or just watch the videos above and below!