KT Tape Introduces New Line of Clinical Product

New Orleans, LA – February 4, 2011—KT Tape, category leader in motion-based sports medicine products, announces a new line of clinical product that will save clinicians time and money in their treatment techniques. Over the past two years, clinicians have switched to the KT Tape brand for its affordability, advanced adhesive, and the ease of use with pre-cut strips.  Now in addition to the classic uncut and 10” pre-cut rolls, KT Tape offers the clinician more customizable options for their patients than ever before with three new products: 5”, 18”, and Edema Pre-cut strips. Both speed and convenience are essential for clinical professionals.  Clinicians report that while KT Tape’s 10” pre-cut strip increased their time savings and ease of use, one of the largest constraints on their time continued to be the custom cutting required for edema reduction techniques. This technique requires 5 thinly cut “arms” in each strip of tape to enhance lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling or inflammation. Urged by appeals from doctors and therapists, the KT Tape product development team worked closely with clinicians to design the Edema Pre-cut Strip. It measures 2 inches wide, 18 inches long, and is perforated with five precut “arms” for easy application of edema reduction techniques. “From our first meeting I was impressed with how the KT Tape corporate team was truly interested in how I felt about the product and its incorporation into patient care and kinesiology taping strategies,” says Cindy Bailey, DPT, OCS, ATC, EMT, one of the most recognized practitioners of elastic taping in the United States and Director of Physical and Occupational Therapy at the Los Angeles Orthopedic Hospital.  “I was astounded how quickly the company listened to clinical ideas and then changed their manufacturing process to accommodate our feedback.  As a clinician it has been phenomenal to be able to get exactly what will be the most user friendly product for me and my patient load.” KT Tape is showcasing the entire line of new clinical products this weekend at American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting in New Orleans, February 9-12.  Members of the KT Tape Team will also be available for media interviews via appointment at the Expo. If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please contact Michelle. The 5”, 18”, and Edema pre-cut tape is available for purchase from Dynatronics and other leading PT distribution suppliers.  For further product information visit the KT Tape Store. Medical professionals may also use the Edema Pre-cut Strips for taping techniques such as edema reduction at the knee, shoulder, hamstring, and ankle, hemophilic patient treatment, contusions, and more.  The 18” Pre-cut strips are most favorable for muscle techniques and movement patterning, as well as customizing general taping techniques to different body sizes. The 5” strips are extremely convenient for pain specific areas or approximating stressed tissue. Winner of the 2009 NATA “Best in Show awards for consumer health care products, KT Tape is used extensively by clinicians and rehab clinics as well as by consumers. For a list of retailers and instructional videos, visit www.kttape.com.  Follow @KTTape on Twitter and see success stories on the KT Tape Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/kttape.  KT TapeTM is used by athletes in virtually all sports to enhance athletic performance by preventing and treating common sports injuries.  KT Tape enables athletes to perform their best by providing pain relief and support to sore muscles or injuries without restricting motion.  KT Tape is the only treatment modality that provides pain relief and support before, during, and after activity without using medications or chemicals.   Developed by Utah-based Lumos Inc., KT TapeTM is packaged in easy-to-use, pre-cut strips with instructions for most common applications. KT TapeTM is officially endorsed by Kerri Walsh, Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist.