KT Tape Launches First Private Label Line for Premiere Sports Med Clinics

Orem, UT – Nov. 22, 2010—KT Tape, category leader in motion-based sports medicine products, introduces a new level of support for clinical professionals with the launch of private-label Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape. Now in addition to specialized treatment options, clinicians can offer customized products that enhance their own brand—specific to their practice and patient platforms.  The first line of private-label KT Tape is launching in partnership with the Texas-based Airrosti family of rehab centers. After performing an extensive study on existing kinesiology tape brands that examined suitability for Airrosti’s stringent medical treatment standards, Airrosti Rehab Centers selected KT Tape as a brand of choice across all 53 of its nationwide practices earlier this year.  “We were very pleased with the results of our study, and we have a high level of confidence in the quality of KT Tape,” says Dr. Jason Garrett, VP of Training and Treatement Standards at Airrosti.  “Kinesiology tape is an integral part of our rapid recovery treatment model, and we’ve been fortunate to find such a strong partner in KT Tape.” The KT Tape and Airrosti teams worked together to design the new Airrosti-branded product specifically for its clinicians and clients, launching this month for all Airrosti clinics.  “We were most impressed with the level of customer service and flexibility we received from KT Tape,” Dr. Garrett continues, “Everyone on the team was extremely professional and highly responsive to our customization needs.  This new private label product allows us to significantly enhance brand awareness.” Dr. Garrett reports that the Airrosti branded KT Tape has also been tremendously effective at generating additional buzz and excitement at marketing, athletic, and other events. “We are proud to be chosen by Airrosti as a top provider of Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape,” says KT Tape VP Jim Jenson. “We strive to deliver products and services based on needs of the clinical professionals we support, and the Airrosti private-label KT Tape is one example of many new products that demonstrates our commitment and responsiveness to our medical professionals.” Based in San Antonio, TX, Airrosti Rehab Centers’ performance-based rehab utilizes a highly specific and hands-on assessment, diagnosis, and treatment model for acute and chronic injuries. KT Tape is a key component to many of Airrosti’s treatment strategies, focusing on delivering one-on-one patient care, achieving consistent outcomes, and getting patients back to their activities quickly and safely. KT Tape applications can help athletes to treat common sports injuries such as runner’s knee, shin splints, IT band pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and quad or hamstring strains.  Winner of the 2009 NATA “Best in Show awards for consumer health care products, KT Tape is used extensively by clinicians and rehab clinics as well as by consumers.