KT Tape on Competitor TV

KT Tape user and clinician Joseph McCaleb recently joined us to tape up runners at the Rock 'n' Roll Denver Marathon and did a great job showing the magic of KT Tape on Competitor TV.  He shares with viewers the simple awesomeness of KT Tape and what it can offer to athletes both before and after a big race. From the Competitor TV segment: “What this does in short is it kind of approximates tissues, it brings them closer together, there by decreasing pain on attended ligaments. - I have actually seen people put this stuff [KT Tape] on and their pain will go away and stay away completely. - I’ve had people who are coming in that are doing this [getting tapped] not only as an ounce of prevention before the day of the race but because they’ve had these little problems [running injuries] before, so a lot of people that have been trying this stuff out I’ve been taping them today or yesterday they come back in and say, ‘you know I walked on it yesterday and it still feels one hundred percent.’ Absolutely, so it’s good for prevention of injuries, it’s good for reduction of injuries that are already occurring.”--Joseph McCaleb Check out the full video from Competitor TV here. For more on how KT Tape works click here to visit the website and learn more. Click here to find a KT Tape clinician in your area or here for full online instructions.