on KT Tape "Simply put, it works!"

Dave Osborne of recently wrote a review on KT Tape and couldn’t be happier with the results.  Read what he has to say: From Dave Orsborne: I remember the days when the athletic trainer would tape my ankles so tight I thought my feet would fall off from lack of circulation. Then came the fright of tearing it off. I tell people cyclists shave their legs to avoid pain when removing tape. I damn near cry when I pull a band aid off my elbow. Along came KT Tape. It is flat, thin, and flexible. I'm sure you've seen it on TV being worn by a variety of athletes.  It is made of reinforced cotton which is embedded in such a way to allow elasticity and length-wise stretch. The strips are split down the middle for various applications. This equates to stability without restricting movement (or your feet falling off). As any trainer will tell you, there is a rhyme and reason why tape is applied in a specific manner and location. KT Tape is no different and that is where you must begin learning how to use it. Their website,, has numerous videos for different applications. There is also the possibility to consult with a KT Tape specialist. Since I'm an old guy who gets fat in winter, I seem to have many aches and pains. I've had multiple surgeries on both knees and arthritis has set in. I knew I was going to start my test there. I used KT Tape on my knees during a couple hours on the bike and at a different time playing racquetball. I had to use 2 KT strips on my knees. When you pull the backing off, the tape was tissue like. Application was easy by pulling the backing off while pressing the tape onto your skin. I also used the tape on my ankle and neck which required more than 2 strips. I continued the test over a few weeks. Simply put, it works!   The amount of relief I experienced varied depending upon where I used it and what problem I had to begin with. My knee pain never goes away but my ankle and neck pain did. It was easy to feel the difference when I did and didn't use the tape especially in my knees where the pain was most severe. During my activity, I didn't hurt as much. Afterwards, my joints weren't as stiff and I felt better more quickly. I had less inflammation.  I wondered if maybe the tape was laced with some prescription pain killer! When I started running low on my supply, I left the tape on. Come to find out, I felt better the longer it was on. KT says this is normal. It stayed on throughout my showers but did start to peel back at the ends. I was told a tip to make the tape stick better is cleaning your skin with rubbing alcohol before application. I also learned the tape's formula allows for breathability and works well in all seasons. Leaving it on didn't cause itching or skin irritation. KT's website does a much better job than I can explaining the basis how their tape works. I can tell you it helped me in various applications. I ached less when I used it and recovered quicker. I repeated the using/not using experiment for over a month. To this day, my choice is to use it. The unfortunate irony is I still cringe when I rip it off! Thanks to Dave and for their great review, we’re glad you love our product as much as we do! For application instructions click here. For application adhesion tips click here. Click here for a KT Tape retailer near you.