Turkey Day Taping

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the KT Tape team made their way across the country to yet another major marathon, this time in Atlanta for the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Marathon. However, this time, the team received a little help from some students from Life University's Chiropractic School. Life University is based in Marietta, GA and is best known for its Doctor of Chiropractic program. Students from the Life University Sports Chiropractic Council and Student Liaison Leo Kormanik II, volunteered their time to help tape up hundreds of runners. The following is an excerpt from Leo Kormanik's experience at the Atlanta Marathon Expo. "We had a great time at the KT tape booth. There were three of us from Life University and we were met with John Mackay from KT tape. We got involved with KT tape when we met John at the ACA Sports Chiropractic Symposium in St. Louis a few weekends ago. He was helpful in answering any questions we had regarding the effectiveness of KT tape and encouraged us to use some of the products. At the Atlanta Marathon Expo we had the opportunity to educate runners on injuries as well as exercises they can do to placate some of their significant issues. We also got to tape quite a bit!
There are a plethora of conservative options available to people who choose not to take medication for pain relief. Pain medication only covers up the symptoms to an underlying problem and for the most part do not offer any healing for the damaged area causing the pain. KT tape can block pain, reduce swelling, and increase muscle activation. All of these factors ameliorate the underlying cause of the pain, making it substantially more effective than medication at correcting the problem. At the Expo, some of the more common injuries were plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, lateral ankle sprain, IT band syndrome, and runner's knee. The students who came to tape were amazed at the efficacy of the product. Personally, I had the pleasure of working the medical tent at the race on Thanksgiving. A lot of the runners that we taped up the previous days stopped by to let me know they loved the product and thanked me for helping them through the race."
Leo C. Kormanik II
ACASC Life U. Student Liaison