Uncooped Gear Review of KT Tape

KT Tape was recently featured on the Uncooped.com Gear Review.  See what reviewer Billy Brown had to say about KT Tape: The past year or two, I’ve found that my knee has had an invisible ice pick in it that none of the doctors I’ve visited can seem to identify. Within the first few minutes of my run, I’ll start to get a dull ache that will either subside or intensify to the point were I have to limp back to my house in shame. Dragging my sorry butt back home isn’t something that I look forward to, so when I got a pack of KT Tape to try out, I felt a mixture of hope and skepticism. I wanted it to work, but I wasn’t sure what tape could do to help me out. Turns out it could do a heck of a lot. Made from a cotton-sheathed elastic that mimics the elasticity of human skin KT Tape is said to provide external support to muscles, ligaments and tendons, reducing their loads to minimize pain and allow for quick healing. It stretches along the tape’s length, not its width, so that it provides support without restricting movement. There's a more detailed description on their website. Each box of tape comes with instructions for application to different body parts, and there’s a variety of videos online for those who need a visual aid. I looked up the runner’s knee video and a few minutes later, I was ready to give it a go. During my first run, I started out with low expectations. Experience has taught me to be a pessimist when it comes to healing injuries, so I was expecting that familiar ache with every step. After the first mile, my old knee felt like my young knee did. After a few weeks of running, things haven’t changed yet. Heck, I’m even picking up the pace again. The tape stuck with me (literally) through the miles, regardless of how much I sweat. This is thanks to the tape’s adhesive, which uses a heat-activated bond to stay on through thick and thin. It didn’t fail in the shower or pool, but it comes off cleanly when you peel it. For the record-if you're hairy, you may want to trim down the area that you're taping. It doesn't pull hair when it comes off, but when it's bonded to the skin it can pull like a mother. KT Tape's adhesive uses a heat-activated bond to stick to skin. It’s lightweight, it doesn’t come off until you want it to, it’s breathable, and it works. If you’ve got some persistent aches and pains, you need to check this stuff out. There are so many applications, I'm not sure what you can't use it for. For taping instructions click here For a KT Tape retailer near you click here