US Cycling Report Loves KT Tape

When US Cycling Report reviewer Betsy Baker went about doing a review on KT Tape, she was hoping for a product that was easy to use, breathable and most importantly worked; and that’s exactly what she got.  See what Betsy had to say about KT Tape in her review below. From Betsy Baker, US Cycling Report--I am a 53 year old battered athlete. I have bad knees, a bum shoulder and tendonitis in my elbow just to list a few ailments that come from a lifetime of living pedal to the metal. I have had multiple surgeries and depend on braces in all shapes and styles to assist me in one form or another to be relatively supported and pain free. I have taped injuries and looked at the fancy tapes used by professional athletes with longing. Finally I had the opportunity to try this method by using KT Tape™. KT Tape™, created by Lumos, Inc., is used by many different professional athletes, Kerri Walsh (2x Olympic Gold Medalist in Volleyball), Rebecca Rusch (3x 24 Hour World Mountain Bike Champion and Winner of the 2010 Leadville Trail 100) and the US Water Polo team to mention just a few. KT Tape™ is used by athletes in virtually all sports to enhance athletic performance by preventing and treating common sports injuries.  It enables athletes to perform their best by providing pain relief and support to sore muscles or injuries without restricting motion.  A great thing about the tape is that it is the only treatment modality that provides pain relief and support before, during, and after activity without using medications or chemicals.   KT Tape™ is packaged in easy-to-use, pre-cut strips with instructions for most common applications. As for me? I wanted a tape that would “breathe” and move with me as I either rode my bicycle or hacked my show jumpers (horses). I sweat freely here when the temperatures reach the mid 110-115° for most of the summer. I was not happy with the various neoprene braces that I have tried as they caused me to sweat, didn’t breathe and frankly, got a bit odiferous in between washings. It was no fun. I tried generic athletic tape but found that it not only was uncomfortable but was only good for one session. Enter KT Tape™. This tape is easy to apply in almost in location except (for me) the shoulder area. Unless you have someone that is available to help you, the shoulder is the toughest part. The website of the tape provides you with easy to follow instructions on how to apply the tape for best results but there are just some things that require two people to achieve. The shoulder was one of these. When my husband helped me, it was actually quite effective and that is saying something as I have had two rotator cuff surgeries in an 18 month period so my shoulder is pretty worn out. KT Tape™ made it more bearable. It stood up to sweat, didn’t peal up from the skin and yet was easy to remove. I loved it. My husband used it on his recent 1000k bicycle brevet to help him alleviate his knee discomfort. He was extremely pleased with the performance of the tape and its ability to stay in place over the three days of the ride. I would highly recommend this tape to any athlete who is looking for an alternative to those neoprene braces you find in the drugstores. It has been beneficial to my knee pain, my tendonitis in my arm and effective with my shoulder. Despite excessive sweating during physical exertion and in the pool, the tape stayed in place and performed beyond my expectations. The world class athletes who are using KT Tape™ are not kidding around when they choose their products to help improve their performance nor should you. The tape was easy to find, I went to Big 5 Sporting Goods where I found plenty of choices in reasonable price range. When I was looking on their website, it was quite easy to find locations to purchase the product. Their website if full of useful information and helpful tips from their professionals and the athletes who use the tape. It is easy to navigate and especially useful in teaching you how to apply the tape for assorted areas of the body. If you are looking for a reliable sports tape, US Cycling Report is pleased to recommend you give KT Tape™ a try. It is outstanding! Thanks for the great review Betsy! For more cycling news, reports, reviews and articles go to U.S Cycling Report’s website here.