Why Did This Chicken Cross the Road? For Free KT Taping!

         This avid KT Tape fan was caught running through the Austin Marathon Expo last weekend- with both knees taped!  Free KT Tape and Taping Demos was offered from  both the Hill Country Running Company and the Texas Running Company booths.   Over 25,000 athletes came through the expo  for the race.  Once again, the most popular injury taped for marathon runners at this expo was the knees- either Runner's Knee or IT Band Pain at the Knee.  Even the purple chicken couldn't resist being taped for knee support! In addtion to runners for the Austin Marathon, we also taped a number of younger athletes preparing for a world karate championship.  Their most common injuries were bruising and swelling, so the KT Tapers taped them for stability and edema. This weekend there will be MORE free KT Taping at the Gasparilla Marathon in Tampa, FL and the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas.  Check out the KT Tape Events Page for details. We'll see you there!