Blue Ridge Relay Team Ultra Finish with KT Tape!

Congratulations to the KT Tape sponsored Team 4tunate for an awesome finish at the Blue Ridge Relay!  Jason S, Jason M, John, Cindy, Alex, and Whitney finished the 200 mile race with just 6 people on their team, thus the team name Team 4tunate (to have 2 more runners)! Check out an excerpt from their race report below: 29 hours 48 minutes and 15 seconds after sending Jason M. off down the Grayson Highlands mountaintop start we finished up in Asheville 100% intact with the fanfare that John deserved in his “last Blue Ridge Relay ever!”  If you believe that you will have no problem sending me $1,000,000 so I can help educate the needy in a 3rd world country.  This time was good enough for 64th out of 120 teams, an 8:36 overall pace and 11th out of 18 Ultra (6 or less) teams. I always put off writing this post every year because there is an odd post-race blues period where you realize it is over and it is likely a year before you get to run an event this cool again.  It is also hard to sit down and write because I find it difficult to organize my thoughts into meaningful compartments – even more so than on a normal day.  Here it goes. First, a word about our sponsor:  KT Tape.  This company responded to one of my tweets (which I truly believe is the sign of a company dedicated to their customers) and within days offered to sponsor us with shirts and tape for the race.  Most of us were veterans of KT Tape usage largely due to the small ailments that come with age.  The shirts were super cool and looked great at the start, the finish and in between stages where we weren’t too lazy just to be ok sitting around in our old sweaty running clothes from the last leg.   We used both the standard KT Tape which was offered in Purple, Lime Green and Black and was more of a Fabric-based tape.  This stuff worked great as usual.  You put it on and you always tend to wonder: “What’s this going to do for me – I can hardly feel it on me.” Then you stand up and you get it – the skin pulls away a bit from the muscle and it feels like blood flow in that area is enhanced.   …The folks that applied their tape prior to starting any running had tape on 29 hours later… Great sponsor, company and concept.  BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!... …Thanks again KT Tape – you were very kind and supportive with your sponsorship of us! Congratulations again!  Click here to read the entire Team 4tunate Race Report.  Click here for a slideshow of Team 4tunate’s 2011 BRR race.

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